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Although my specialty is stringed instrument repair, I also do sales of instruments and accessories. The main focus of my instrument sales is Deering banjos. I do more than just "pull 'em out of the box and hang 'em on the rack". All the instruments that I sell go through my shop and are carefully inspected, adjusted, and set up for best playability at no extra charge.

Please call (717) 627-1010 or email to set up an appointment with me to try these fine banjos in person so I can explain all their great features to you. I'm sorry but I no longer ship instruments.


Deering Banjos, handmade in California (good old USA), are the largest manufacturer of banjos in North America. They make an astounding selection of models to satisfy everyone from beginners to high-end pros to collectors. Five-strings, tenors, and plectrums, all with resonators or open-backs, are available from plain (or "elegantly understated") to highly decorated with pearl inlay, gold plating, engraving and fancy heel carving. They make folk-style long-neck five-strings, six string banjos for guitar players, and even electric banjos! They are now also making faithful reproductions of several historic VEGA models. All have slim, fast, modern necks; loud, crisp response; a lifetime warranty (the "Goodtime" models have a six-year warranty), and modest prices – especially after my discount. Many people (including me) consider them to be the best banjo value available today.

While I am no longer stocking the higher line Deering banjos, I can still get them for you by special order. Presently, I am only stocking banjos from the Goodtime line. Below are some examples.


“Rob: I appreciate having a dealer with your knowledge, skills and extensive background in acoustic instruments. The banjo is still somewhat mysterious for many people. Your ability to graciously and accurately answer questions about our banjos is one of the many qualities that puts you way ahead. We will continue to recommend you wholeheartedly to our customers.”
- Barry Hunn, Deering Worldwide Sales Manager


Goodtime Special 5-string w/ Resonator & Tone Ring Click Here $1,119.00 My Prices
Are Too
Low To
Please Call
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Me For
Goodtime 2 5-string w/ Resonator and Armrest Click Here $799.00
Goodtime 1 5-string Open-Back Click Here $579.00
Goodtime Gig Bag Resonator or Open-Back Click Here $95.00

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