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The main focus here in my shop is the repair of fretted stringed instruments. Acoustic and electric guitars, electric and acoustic bass guitars, banjos, mandolins - all are welcome here. However, due to an overwhelming demand for my work on fretted instruments, I am no longer able to take in any work on bowed, violin-family instruments or other stringed instruments such as autoharps and dulcimers.

Here is a partial list of routine services I provide every day:

  • Super-accurate action adjustments with measurement tolerances to 1/1000th of an inch.
  • Clean, careful refretting.
  • Exacting truss rod adjustments and meticulous fret honing (leveling).
  • Fussy, detailed intonation adjustments.
  • All kinds of structural repairs - cracks, warps, broken braces, etc.
  • Pickup installation in acoustic and electric guitars, including custom pickguards and custom wiring, plus repairs to guitar electronics (I don't work on amps).
  • Hand-carved saddles and nuts made of genuine bone, ebony, brass, graphite, synthetics, etc.
  • Acoustic guitar bridge repair, reglue, or replacement.
  • Installation of all sorts of replacement parts, factory original, generic or custom: tuning machines, tailpieces, pots, switches, hardware, banjo heads, custom-shaped pickguards made from a variety of materials…. you name it. I either already have it in stock or can special-order it in for you!

My workshop and instrument storage area are constantly monitored for temperature and humidity levels, so instruments are always exposed to the best of conditions when they are in my shop.

My estimates are free. I need to evaluate each instrument individually so I don't publish prices, but I believe you will find my rates to be competitive with other experienced professionals. I'm really, really fussy about accuracy, so I can't give estimates until I've examined the instrument in person. Got a special problem? Just let me know. I'll do my very best to get it corrected.

What Customers Say:

"You have done an absolutely fantastic job on this guitar. The playabilty of the guitar is incredible with how low and stress free the action is while still presenting a bright clear buzz free tone. It has never ever sounded and played so wonderfully."
-- Dustin S., Cumberland, MD

“….thank you again for such a great job. I was amazed at the tone and playability of the guitar. If I could impress one thing on a potential customer, it would be assurance that the instrument that you bring to Rob Zwally will be handled with care and repaired to the highest standards.”
- Derek E., Lancaster, PA

“What a wonderful job you did. The action is terrific and the intonation is spot on. Thanks so much for the workmanship. I wish we had that kind of standard here.”
- Pete M., El Paso, TX

“The Gibson is Great! What an improvement. I could not be more pleased. Rob is a true craftsman and works on every instrument with the care and meticulous detail he’d give his own.”
- Rick S., Ashburn, VA

".... you did the best fretwork I have ever seen. About 17 years ago, when I was in college, you set up my Paul Reed Smith and installed new pickups. The guitar hasn't needed a setup since."
- Adam Z., Boston, MA

"I'm so glad to have found a professional of your caliber to work on my instruments…. the attention to detail you applied will make this journey much more rewarding and enjoyable."
- Dan S., Atlantic City, NJ

I am sorry but I am no longer accepting repairs being shipped to me..

My hours are by appointment only. Please call me Monday thru Friday between 11:00am and 6:00pm, EST for more information or to set up an appointment. I also have limited hours on Saturdays, but I am closed on Sundays.Feel free to email me anytime at

Rob Zwally Music
1131 E. Newport Road
Lititz, PA  17543
(717) 627-1010
-  Hours by Appointment Only  -